CrystalTech, Inc. manufactures and markets the MQPS-20 pressure sensor designed for use in hostile environments. This technology employs the use of a thickness-shear quartz resonator that changes frequency in response to applied pressure. The MQPS-20 sensor is designed for precision measurement of pressures to 20,000 psi at temperatures to 200° C. The inherent stability of quartz and the ruggedness of the assemblies have made this the preferred technology for down-hole data acquisition in the energy industry.

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Quartz Pressure Sensor Specification

Physical Properties

Operating Pressure Range 0 to 20,000 psig
Maximum Pressure at 25°C: 24,000 psig
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 200°C
Pressure Accuracy: 0.025% of F.S.Pressure
Overall Length: 0.630in. ± 0.005in
Overall Diameter: 0.575in. ± 0.005in

Electrical Properties:

Series Resonant Frequency: 7.210 MHz ± 1.5 kHz at 25°C
Series Resonant Resistance: < 250 ohms at 25°C

The measurement of electrical properties is made by driving the sensor into oscillation with a crystal impedance meter, gain-phase analyzer, spectrum analyzer or similar device, and measuring the resultant parameters. CrystalTech measures and records electrical data using Saunders Model 250B and Model 110HF Crystal Impedance Meters. With the 250B meter, resistive and capacitive loads and drive level are user selectable. We typically test sensors at 200 ohms, 30 pF, and 50 μ watts, respectively.

Note: The following electrical parameters are included as typical values to aid in the design of oscillator circuits.
Static Capacitance: 2.30 pfd (typ)
Motional Capacitance of Crystal: 0.10 ffd (typ)
Nominal Pressure Sensitivity: 2.0 hertz per psi (typ)
Inductance: 5.0 henry (typ)
CrystalTech, Inc. reserves the right to change product specifications without notice.