About Us

CrystalTech, Inc. manufactures and markets two crystalline quartz pressure sensors designed for use in hostile environments. This technology employs the use of a thickness-shear quartz resonator that changes frequency in response to applied pressure. The MQPS-20 sensor is designed for precision measurement of pressures to 20,000 psi at temperatures to 200° C. The MICRO-25 sensor is designed for precision measurement of pressures to 25,000 psi at temperatures to 200° C. The inherent stability of quartz and the ruggedness of the assemblies have made this the preferred technology for down-hole data acquisition in the energy industry.

Prior to CrystalTech’s presence in the market, quartz pressure sensors could be procured only in the form of complete pressure transducers. CrystalTech chose to serve that portion of the market that wished to design, manufacture, and calibrate pressure transducers for specific applications, yet desired the accuracy and resolution capable with quartz sensors. Significant cost savings may be realized by adding value internally thus permitting penetration in new markets.

CrystalTech was formed in late 1996. The founders of CrystalTech, Inc. are experts in the manufacture of quartz pressure sensors with 50 years-combined knowledge in this field. Industry experience includes quartz sensor design and production, as well as extensive R&D efforts for new and adaptive products. CrystalTech has continued to gain knowledge and experience, applying these to the development of new products.

Production processes at CrystalTech consist of fabrication, cleaning, assembly, plating, engraving and screening. All processes are well documented with emphasis placed on quality control. Precision fabrication of quartz substrates is performed holding very close tolerances through-out the process, recording the most minute details for each sensor. Manufacturing procedures are continuously scrutinized and refined to ensure the highest quality possible. At CrystalTech, quality improvement is truly a continuing process.